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TVC, or Thrust Vectoring Control, is a method of controlling a rocket's stability by angling or vectoring the engine to aim the rocket. I was insprired by what BPS.space was doing with TVC and wanted to make my own that would angle E engines or smaller. I included a link below to my Thingiverse and GitHub pages for you to 3D print, build, and code my TVC mount. Make sure to check for new revisions and new code features!

Minimal TVC Mount on Thingiverse
GitHub page coming soon!

Thrust Vectored rockets need to run multiple systems in order to fly correctly. The rocket needs a TVC mount for the engine, flight computer with gyroscopes to aim the TVC mount, pressurization bulkhead, black powder ejection capsule, and a recovery system.

The flight computer sends commands to the servos based on input from a gyroscope. The servos adjust the TVC mount's vector to aim the rocket as it flies. The pressurization bulkhead gets filled with gases from the black powder ejection charge, which pushes out the nose cone and deploys the recovery system.

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