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Download Crop Craze on itch.io for Rift or SteamVR!
Install it on SideQuest for Oculus Quest or Quest 2! Need help with SideQuest?

Crop Craze is the first fully immersive Virtual Reality farming simulator. Plant crops, feed animals, complete upgrades, and more in this brand-new game! In Crop Craze, PicoPlanetDev's new VR farming simulator, you can buy seeds, grow crops, and sell them. Experience a serene view of the countryside and take a break from farming to roast marshmallows by the fire pit. Upgrade your farm to boost profit, buy animals for a bonus, and add a greenhouse. Purchase more land and expand your farm, while managing your money and having fun! Available now on PC virtual reality headsets and Oculus Quest. Get Crop Craze and enjoy the excitement today! Crop Craze is developed and supported by PicoPlanet Developing, an indie game developer.

Want to experience Crop Craze without installing it? Or don't have a compatible VR headset? Look around inside inside this 360° photo of Crop Craze!

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