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Installing my Google Cardboard and Daydream games to your Android phone

The .apk file is Android's installer file, very similar to Windows's .exe installer. These files are used to install apps, often for beta testing before an update goes live on the Play Store.

If you would like to install the app from this page instead of the Play Store, watch this 1-minute video for instructions and read the step-by-step below.

To Install:

VR Playground71.apk -- Updated to comply with Google Play requirements, updated icon, and in-game UI.

RabbitDash28.apk -- Fixed bug in main menu for level 6

ChemVRPhotos13.apk -- Official release of Chemistry VR Photos

Trailblazer04.apk -- Added map for level 2, fixed some level switching bugs

PuzzleVR20.apk -- More theme options, themes applied to 4x4 game

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