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PicoPlanet Developing creates games for VR, the newest and most immersive gaming medium yet. I have multiple apps on the Google Play Store, and am publishing games for PC VR headsets like the Oculus Rift.

Farming simulators are always fun to play. But there aren't any immersive farm games... until now! This is my current work-in-progress game, and it is available on itch.io and on SideQuest.
Get Crop Craze for PC virtual reality headsets and on the Oculus Quest:

Update: PicoPlanetDev will remain open and online during the COVID-19 situation. Also, feel free to contact me anytime on the Contact page, by emailing me, or with PicoPlanet's new Google Voice number: (412) 294-8269.

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To look around my website, please use the navigation bar on the left. On some devices, you may need to click on the menu button (☰) to see this bar.

Contact me at picoplanetdev@gmail.com or by submitting a form in Contact and Customer Service.

Go to my Social page to find out how to connect with me!

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Go here to check out another website I have designed.

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